Our vineyard has diverse soils: the highest part is of Mindelian origin, made up of clayish-limestone,
the central part is made up of superficial plain formations,
the lower part of the estate is dominated by limestone and red clay.
The variety of soils gives exceptional complexity to our wines.

We limit to the maximum the use of Phytosanitary products but if circumstances imposed their use would be considered.

Our know-how

The wines from the Grapillon d’Or Estate are made from a selection of grapes grown on small parcels, producing wines with rich concentration, a promise of long-keeping.For the Gigondas territory, the yield per hectare is only 35 hectoliters, one of the lowest in French appellation wines.
This limit is scrupulously respected in order to produce a wine of quality and typical of the appellation.

Keeping wines, easily beyond 10 years, the wines from Gigondas, when young, have aromas of freshly picked red fruit which over the years become spicier with a bouquet of ripe fruit, cherry or prune. Perfectly balanced in concentration, body and finesse, they have all the elegance of great wines.

Blended in the estate’s cellar, aged primarily in oak barrels, the wines are made in the greatest respect of tradition, combined with modern know-how.